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Cinema has always been the most vibrant stream having its spectrum. It comprises of a unique branch name abstract cinema. It is a wholesome part of the cinematography consisting of the essence of experimental art dipped with cinema art. The obscure cinema is counted in the cinema art based on the similarity of language, equipment, and purpose of usage.

However, the use of the material such as a camera, film strip, screen projector, etc. in particular. Another branch of cinema called traditional cinematography relies on reproductive technology. The aspects of the conventional cinema lie on photographic images of the focussed object followed by a recording of the film and producing on screens. The productive technology, on the other hand, foresee the summary in complete imagination, recoded and ultimately flashed on screens.

The word cinema is not a recent talk. It has taken full attention in the early 90s. However, the only thing leading to the last change of the queer definition cinema is the application of various updated technologies.

what do you consider as abstract of a cinema?

 In the world of painting and art, the abstract is the sum up version of the entire film. It focuses on the rules of presentation and accordingly chooses the path of achieving it. There are schools, colleges of arts and music having an abstract theatre for implementing various techniques and tangy twist in the ongoing performance. It also curves a way of bringing differentiation among achievements.


The ultimate focus of the physical theatre lies on every step and moment is used in devising work. Physical theatre is an area of interaction between dance and drama where many performances take a unique shape. Many physical acts are occurring in a theatre-like slapstick, mime, comedy, clowning, etc. Theatre work needs complete knowledge about the ongoing project before you drive into action.


 Aa theatre demands absolute creativity and innovation. There are many physical theatre companies across the globe. Some are-

Au MentsDansaTeatre:

It is a Spanish based company using various guessing modes like dance, art, object, etc. to keep the audience completely engrossed in the play with colossal interrogation. The production gives rise to high levelled physical and visual expectations among the audience. The Malasombra is one of the latest art pieces of the company comprising of a complete package of expressive dance theatre, video, rock music, and shadow play.

Chicago Physical theatre:

the company is based in chicagon. The physical theatre of the company comprises of various workshops of clowning, mime, slapsticks, and theatres. If you are planning to have a visit to Chicago, the theatre is a must-go place.

Many such companies are having unique modes of theatre execution. However, the ultimate aim of the theatre is pure entertainment. It is an art requiring complete involvement of the characters in the demanded form. However, technology has put cinema a threat to one level up the game. It has carved a new path of using abstract cinema and light music in the entertainment business.